C is for Conspiracy


This week we’re going to go through more of our Anarchist/Activist Alphabet. Last show we went through A B and C… but we’re not finished with C quite yet…. There’s a few more C words to investigate. So far I’ve mentioned Co-Existance//Collectivism//Cooperation, and we’ve looked further at Class War and Noam Chomsky… which leaves…Chumbawamba, Consensus, The Coup Creative Commons and … Conspiracy.

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At the beginning of this program Gerald Keaney and I discuss conspiracy theories just because some are completely wack doesn’t mean we should discount them all.

The fact that governments and corporations don’t tell us everything and distort the truth is undeniable … and there are many instances where it is proven that governments acted secretly to further their interests… for instance America’s sponsorship of military coups in order to enact regime change in certain countries for various ideological, political, and economic reasons.

Grab from Democracy Now’s interview with Stephen Kinzer author of the book Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change From Hawaii to Iraq.

However just because some conspiracy theories have proven correct it is unwise to accept every colourful pronouncement regarding our reptilian overlords and their links to the international jewish banker cartel or the local chapter of the masonic lodge.

We need to judge conspiracy theories as we would judge any theory and decide on their validity by evaluating the evidence we can find that supports them or indeed a lack of evidence.

Bedding music from Monkey Marc

Then we play The Lightbulb Conspiracy an Unwelcome Guests adaptation of the documentary by Cosima Dannoritzer

2 thoughts on “C is for Conspiracy

  1. Hi my name is Ryan,
    Please dont put conpiracy theory and Alex Jones in the same sentence. Alex Jones is cointelpro, but useful for basics, EG – GMO is bad, aspartame, Monsanto, central Banks are private… Please for those of us that have been around a while,
    get some deeper topics. For instance , Max Igan, Santos Bonacci, Douglas Dietrich, maybe Clif High, Jay Weidner.
    Please consider the bigger picture instead of the spotfires. How about evidence of One World Government, within Codex Alimentarius, or UN Agenda 21, or the history of Fabian Socialism. The Vatican being the first corporation on this planet. There is more you guys need to sink your teeth into.All of which are on public records. Eugenics History? I am not asking you to believe in E.Ts
    Ryan Berg

    1. Thanks for your comment. We have been around for quite some time too probably longer than you think.

      I’m aware AJ is speculated to be cointelpro… this does not negate the fact he and his followers are into conspiracies.

      Even considering the ‘evidence’ you mention of a one world government I think Gerald’s critique is valid… I am interested in working on something about Agenda 21 as it seems to have risen to the surface again. Meanwhile I quite like this critique http://www.splcenter.org/get-informed/intelligence-report/browse-all-issues/2012/spring/behind-the-green-mask

      It is true there is more to look into… but we’re trying to get through an anarchist/activist alphabet so a more in depth look is not possible.

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