Coal-onial Collapse

This program features audio which was recorded at an event by the name of Coal-onial Collapse.  Held shortly before Australia Day the themes of the event were anarchism, anti-imperialism and the environmental cost of coal mining.

Listen here

Download from radio4all.

As part of the Colony Collapse Australian Tour Sakura Saunders presents The True Cost of Coal by the Beehive Design Collective.

Thanks to Chris Harvey for photography and recording of the event, and Browning Street Studios for letting us use their venue.

Background music by Jandy Rainbow –

Resident Anti Hero

Maiden Speech – Strange Girl

K’naan – Wavin’ Flag

Test Their Logic – The End of the World

The Serenity – Trouble

Non Bosse Posse – Plan it!

Μουσικοί Ισοβίτες (feat Δ.Π.Θ.) ~ Στους Δρόμους
(Lifers feat.DPTH ) In the streets

Short summary: Resistence Hip Hop based on the song”Lungo la Strada” (Along the Road) by Milva, which in turn was based on the soviet folk song “Polyushka Polye”. The song talks about the realities that the younger generations face in capitalism in Greece.
-Some of the lyrics:  ‘I said look at me deeply, in the eyes and see the hell in which you roam, wipe the tears and swear that in the tough times which will come, you’ll stand by me and bleed your fists, With the first bullets fired upon us, I cannot guarantee you that all will endure, but we will be standing up until they throw us down or arrest us,
the sky will be raining tears on earth but we’ll beat the shit out of the riot policemen,while in these dark days they are trying to intimidate everyone, they give away light so that later we will miss it, but nevertheless when did the the wolves survive in the light; Dedicated to France where the souls still roam in the streets not fit for bosses and their threats, in the streets that people were killed because they didn’t stick their tongue out but molotov and their fists.”

The End of the Road – John Sheehy

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