Zapatistas, Shack Dwellers and Action Against Coal


This week Autonomous Action Radio is jam packed with … well autonomous action.

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First up after Resident Anti-hero – The Weapons of Sound … Franklin Lopez’s interview with anarchist counterfeiter Lucio Urtubia.

Then we jump right in to talk about the Zapatistas with Morgan Rogers Gibson who wrote an honors thesis on the Zapatistas and anarchism. We also talk about another anti- state movement from Africa called the Abahlali baseMjondolo.

Morgan tells us about a movie about the Shack Dwellers called  Dear Mandela 


Also Wave talked to Rob who is involved in the Frontline Action Against Coal campaign centered around proposed a proposed coal mine in the Leard State Forest in New South Wales.

Jonathon Moylan wrote a hoax press release which stated that ANZ were pulling funding from the Whitehaven coal project due to environmental risks the mine will pose.

When media reported this without checking share prices for ANZ fell dramatically but generally recovered when the hoax was revealed.

'This is the end result of ANZs funding of Maules Creek Coal Mine. Destruction of Koala habitat means overpopulation of what habitat remains. It means disease caused by stress and high risk of being hit by cars or attacked by dogs, having to spend longer on the ground looking for new range. This image is shocking but it's the reality. ANZ is completely out of order and this is what we're fighting to stop.'

Wave also spoke to Katso who organised an action in support of Jonathon Moylan which involved 100s of Out of Order signs being out on ANZ ATMs around the country.

Music is this episode:

Combat Wombat – White Australia

Steve Towson and the Kunkala Station Band – Jim Jones at Botany Bay

Dylan Quent – We’re not going to take it

Zach De La Rouda – Got Love

The End of the Road – John Sheehy

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