The word revolution is thrown around a bit lately, will it be televised, will it involve dancing, will it make my hair better, can it happen non-violently and so forth.

Cartoonist and author Stephine McMillian has been exploring revolution in her daily comic strip Minimum Security here’s her list of what a revolution is not:

A marketing slogan
A shift in consciousness
Automatic or inevitable
Smothering the enemy with love
Trading one dictator for another
Voting with our dollars
Electing a less obvious evil
A formula
Personal transformation
A change in attitude
Redefining success
A t-shirt slogan
Occupying a park
A symbolic act
The expansion of bourgeois democracy
Escaping the system
A single heroic act
A restructuring of the system
Internet activism
Radical reforms
A series of protests
The easing of misery
Being the change we wish to see

The ruling class cannot be taken out of power by refusing to participate, or starving it through better consumer choices.

Capitalism cannot be boycotted out of existence. It cannot be walked away from.

It cannot be defeated by any individual act.

It is the conscious overthrow of one class by another.

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