Interview from The Observer Tree About Failure of Forest Talks

Former Brisbane resident and 4ZZZ announcer Miranda Gibson has been living in a tree sit in Tasmania’s forest for almost 12 months.

As part of the Still Wild Still Threatened campaign to save Tasmania’s forest Miranda’s base is a platform situated 60m above the ground in an old-growth Eucalyptus tree.

From The Observer Tree Miranda writes a daily blog about life in a tree sit, commentary on the state of the forest negotiations and updates on flora and fauna monitoring.

Today her commentary on the forest negotiations is tinged with disbelief and disappointment as the news of the collapse of the agreements sinks in.

Things were beginning to look more hopeful for Tasmania’s old growth forests when in October 2010 environmental NGO’s, industry groups and Unions signed a statement of principles which appeared to pave the way for comprehensive forest protection and a restructuring of the logging industry.

Late last week though came the news that the talk had collapsed. Autonomous Action Radio spoke with Miranda today about what the talks had entailed and how people can act to help save these ancient pristine forests of Tasmania.

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