Threatened Tasmanian Forests Left Open for Destruction

The so called peace talks between environmental groups and the logging industry in Tasmania have collapsed without a deal being reached.

This means that logging companies will not have access to any government money to encourage them to leave old growth forests alone.

And as summer looms the globally significant old growth forests in Tasmania are under as much threat as ever before.

” Summer is traditionally a time of increased logging and building new roads into threatened wilderness areas,” Huon Valley Environment Centre’s Jenny Weber said.

However logging companies still face the strong resistance as campaigners vow to continue the fight.

“The failure of the talks does not mean that the industry can bury its head in the sand and continue to entrench native forest destruction.

“The reality of global market pressures cannot be ignored and the controversy over Tasmania’s wood supply will continue,” Still Wild Still Threatened’s spokesperson Miranda Gibson stated.

Tune into Autonomous Action Radio tomorrow at at 12nooon Australian Eastern Standard time to hear more about the continuing fight to save Tasmania’s old growth forests  or if you miss the live show the interview will be uploaded here to here shortly.

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