Bats are Awesome
Unbiased Reporting from the Courier Mail

We have lots of interviews which have been uploaded on to Radio4all over the years. They’ll all be linked up on this website.

Topics include the nuclear industry, depleted uranium, the Gulf War clean up, Food Irradiation, resisting the war in Israel from inside Israel, black deaths in custody and more.
An interview which I did a while ago which is still very relevant is with Bat Conservation and Rescue Queensland Inc President Louise Saunders.

Flying Foxes and Bats are responsible for the pollination of many native trees and play a vital role in the Australian environment.
Yet because they threaten the profits made by farmers the Newman government is now allowing farmers to shoot these native animals if they are eating their crops.

Apart from the obvious destruction of the population of these creatures there’s even a problem with the method of ‘culling’ bats.
I used the term culling not killing deliberating then because according to Bats Qld. shooting bats is not very effective .

“It’s incredibly inhumane,” she said. “Only about 5 per cent of bats are killed by a headshot, the rest die very slowly.

Click here to listen to the interview

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