Party for yr Right to Fight in Holland Park (?!)

Smashy Smash in Holland Park

When police were called to a party in Holland Park last night a small riot erupted.

500 people had attended the party which the media notes was organised through Facebook.

Several police cars were smashed with 2 requiring towing.

The attitude of police is probably what caused the smashy smash … it’s like that meme which states ‘you can tell who came to start the riot by the way they are dressed’.

The really sad thing about this though is that these incidents don’t happen (in Brisbane) when people are out in the streets standing up for what they believe in.

In those cases there is too much concern about being seen as ‘reasonable’ and ‘peaceful’ protesters rather than acting in a way that is effective.

Some may question what smashed up police cars achieve in terms of real changes but if the general population posed a real threat to the status quo when upset about the decisions made by government there would be more democracy floating around the place.

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