Not the Fucking News 17/07/2018

33-year old Iranian civil rights activist and dissident Maryam [mary-yum] Faraji [farar-gee] has been found dead after disappearing earlier in July.

Ms Jaraji’s lawyer says relatives have identified her body which was found burnt near her car and belongings.

Her ex fiancee has been arrested and charged with her murder but because of Faraji’s involvement in the protests against the regime there are suspicions her murder involved Iranian security forces

On January 2, in the heat of widespread uprising against the Islamic Republic’s establishment, Faraji had been detained for ten days and gone under interrogation in the Intelligence Ministry Ward 209 in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison

New legislation decriminalising abortion will be voted on by Queensland parliament next month.

The proposed laws will make abortion available up to 22 weeks and provide safe access zones around abortion clinics.

In Queensland, women face jail terms up to seven years, and doctors up to 14 years, for terminating a pregnancy, under a law dating back to 1899.

Some abortion clinics do operate currently in Queensland using some legal loopholes to perform the procedure.

Women in remote areas have less access to free safe abortion.

In 2010 a Cairns couple were charged but later acquitted this is the most recent criminal proceedings related to abortion in Queensland.

With the support of minor parties the bill may pass but could be blocked by conservative members of parliament including members of the ruling
Labour party.

The Liberal opposition in Queensland have passed a resolution which is basically an attack on Transgender and gender diverse people.

If elected to parliament they would seek to have

  1. Recording the sex assigned at birth on every Queensland Birth certificate.
  2. Reverse any existing changes of sex for post-op transgender people, with the effect of taking away their legal recognition at law.
  3. Using only this “sex assigned at birth” on all government documents.
  4. Creating a publicly searchable register so any transgender people in society can be easily located and outed.

Due to moves in other states it seems like this is a national movement likely to have an impact on Federal law.

The intention seems to be to remove the legal and social possibility of transgender people living normal lives in Australia.

A former One Nation staffer Sean Black has been found guilty of assaulting and raping a woman in Brisbane in 2007.

The former media adviser to ex-Senator Malcolm Roberts, has been  found guilty in the Brisbane District Court of two counts of assault occasioning bodily harm, and one count of rape.

Black will be sentenced on July 26 and did not apply for bail after the verdict.

He assaulted the woman on three occasions, raping her during one assault and threatened to shoot her in the head and kill her.

July 25 is the International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners.

The day is important since the worldwide struggle against the nightmare of fascism and the far-right is growing and intensifying.

Reports of racist and bigoted attacks, harassment of journalists, demonisation of refugees and immigrants (non-white of course) are escalating.

As well as the presence of fascist and far right groups.

It’s time to stand together against these threats and in solidarity with those incarcerated for doing so.

The International Day of Solidarity originated as a day of solidarity with Australian Jock Palfreeman who is serving a 20 year sentence in Bulgaria  for defending two Romani men from an attack by fascist football hooligans.

By taking part in the Day of Solidarity we can to break down the borders and build an international response against fascism.

You could have an event, raise money, or dedicate an action to these comrades.

It’s important we simultaneously strengthen our local movements by ensuring that those who have acted to protect our communities against the fascist threat are never forgotten.

And create the links of a powerful international solidarity which can transcend both the prison and the border wall.

No Pasaran!
Until All Are Free!


Contact –

A global list of #antifa prisoners is available on our site via nycantifa.

And you might like to donate to the International Anti-fascist Defence Fund.

Anarchist prisoner, Soheil Arabi is still under torture and is denied medical attention in Tehran prison’s quarantine while having a broken nose and bruising swollen eyes. Prison officials have not transferred him to a hospital despite his condition. 

The torturers have kicked him in the nose and hit him on the nose with their batons

Even in the quarantine, he is in shackles causing deep wounds around his ankles. 

In the past, when he was taken to the hospital, they even jumped on his shackled ankles with their boots. 

There is a police kiosk in the southern side of the hospital where prisoners who are being transferred for medical care are beaten by soldiers.

Two prominent far right figures from the Canadian scene, Lauren Southern and Stefan Moyneux are touring Australia in July.

The Australian Football League (AFL) has been combating allegations of racism for some time now

It’s a little surprising, then, that the venue for the first leg of Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux’s hate speech tour was the home of AFL in Cairns, viz, Cazalys Cairns.

Banned from the UK for her racially-provocative idiocy, she’s been welcomed by Mr Potato Head our Immigration Minister and celebrated by Newscorpse.

Brisbane Anti-Fascist Action has called an action for when they visit Brisbane.

Lauren Southern is a notorious racist and Islamophobe.

She is known for her involvement in the racist attempts to year obstruct Non-Government Organisations  search-and-rescue boats trying to help shipwrecked migrants in the Mediterranean. She also released a book titled, ‘Barbarians: How Baby Boomers, Immigrants, and Islam Screwed My Generation‘.

Stefan Molyneux has made a name for himself on the far right by advocating for the men’s rights movement in the ‘manosphere’ and for advancing extreme for anti-refugee and anti-Muslim ideas.

There’s fb event you can join to get updates about the action. The guest list is hidden so no need to worry about outing your intention to attend.

The venue won’t be known until 24 hours beforehand to you do need to be alert but not alarmed.

When the venue is known give them a call/email/review and ask why they’re hosting a conference for racism and misogyny. Brisbane Anti-fascist Action will provide all the contact details.

Finally get Brisbane ready to show the world we won’t tolerate hate, spread the word  July 29th at 8:00pm.



via July 25, 2018 – Fourth Annual International Day of Solidarity with Antifascist Prisoners

Global Antifa Prisoner List

NYC Antifa is keeping an updated Global List of Antifascist Prisoners in order to facilitate solidarity with antifa prisoners year round. We urge all people to not only write these comrades, but to also continue their work on the outside.

While we will do our best to keep up-to-date information on current and future antifascist prisoners on this list, we suggest that you confirm any address provided here with the support site listed for them, as prisoners often move around.

If you know of an update on a prisoner’s situation or there is an antifa prisoner who is missing, please e-mail us at with the details. Thank you.

No Pasaran!
Until all are free!

[Note: List was last updated July 2, 2018]

««««««Global List of Antifascist Prisoners»»»»»»


Roman Bogdan

Roman Bogdan was arrested on April 15, 2015, as part of the long-going state repression of anti-fascists in Brest, stemming from a fight between anti-fascists and fascists on May 8, 2013. In October, Roman was sentenced to 8 years in a penal colony and must pay 3500 Euro in damages. On December 15, 2015 a regional appellate court commuted his sentence by 2 years.

He can read Russian and simple English phrases.

Roman Bogdan
ul. Pervaya Zavodskaya, 8,
IK-17, otryad 12
213010 Shklov
Mogilevskaya obl.

Vadim Boyko

Vadim Boyko was arrested on March 22, 2016, on suspicion of participating in a fight that took place on June 29, 2014 between anti-fascist supporters of FC Partyzan and right-wing soccer hooligans from FC Torpedo. The arrests in 2014 were not followed up until 2016, when a special political department decided to start the case with a series of police raids on the antifascists who were alleged to have been involved. On March 10, 2017 Vadim Boyko was sentenced to 4 years of jail, and was re-arrested in July for transfer to a penal colony.

He can read Russian and simple English phrases.

Boyko Vadim Sergeyevich
ul. Pervaya Zavodskaya, 8
213004, Shklov, Mogilevskaya obl.

Tomas Kovinkski

Tomas Kovinski is an antifascist from Minsk who was detained on September 27, 2016 after a fight with a right-wing football hooligan. On January 25, 2017 was convicted of malicious hooliganism and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison.


He can read Russian and simple English phrases.


Kovinski Tomas Sergeyevich
ul. Sotsialisticheskaya, 7
220021 Minsk

Vlad Lenko

Vlad LenkoVlad Lenko is an antifascist from Ivatsevichi (Brest region). He was arrested on December 27, 2014, and accused of taking part in a fight against local neo-Nazis earlier in December. Vlad was charged with group hooliganism and aggravated bodily harm, and in September 2015 was sentenced to 6 years in a penal colony.

He can read Russian and simple English phrases.


Lenko Vlad Igorevich
211300 Vitebskaya obl.
Vitebskiy rajon, Vitba, IK-3

Jock Palfreeman

Jock PalfreemanJock Palfreeman is an Australian anti-fascist political prisoner serving a twenty-year prison sentence in Bulgaria for the rather mysterious death of a neo-Nazi football hooligan who was part of a group attacking two Romani men in Sofia, Bulgaria in 2007. Jock came to the aid of the Romani, and quickly found himself the focus of the attack. Bulgarian authorities did everything they could to ensure that Jock did not receive a fair trial, and after his sentencing have refused–in contravention of their own treaties–to transfer him to Australia to serve the rest of his time closer to his family. Jock wants donations for him sent to the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association, which he is part of.

He can read English and Bulgarian.

Jock Palfreeman
Kazichene Prison
Kazichene 1532
Region Pancherevo

Patryk Cichoń

Patryk is a Polish antifascist recently deported from the UK to Poland to serve a 3-year sentence handed down to him 13 years ago. He was charged with allegedly beating up and robbing a few local fascists. Patryk is only allowed 2 visits per month and one 5-minute telephone conversation a week, and really enjoys receiving letters. There is no limit to the number of letters he can receive.

He can read Polish and English.

Patryk Cichoń
“Syn Józefa”
Zaklad Karny
Chmielow 662
Chmielow 39-442

Aleksandr Kolchenko

Aleksandr KolchenkoAleksandr  Kolchenko was arrested in Crimea on May 17, 2014, along with several others, and accused by Russian authorities of participation in a “terrorist group” which planned explosions near the Eternal Fire memorial and the Lenin monument in Simferopol, as well as having sabotaged railway tracks and electricity lines. Aleksandr was also alleged to have carried out two arson attacks in April: against the headquarters of the Russian Unity-Party, and the Russian Community of Crimea. He was transferred to Moscow and kept in draconian conditions. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Russian authorities claimed that Aleksandr was a member of Right Sektor, a Ukrainian ultra-right nationalist organization, but he has no connection to the group—a fact confirmed by relatives and friends. Moreover, Aleksandr is an antifascist and anarchist who consistently opposed nationalistic movements in Crimea and faced constant fascist attacks for his activism. For example, after a film screening about murdered anti-fascist journalist Anastasiya Baburova, he was attacked by thirty Nazis with knives.

Kolchenko Aleksandru Aleksandrovichu, 1989
Chelyabinskaya obl, Kopeisk,
ul.Kemerovskaya, 20,
IK-6, otryad 4

Please note: Moscow ABC advises that letters in English are seldom accepted in Russian prisons, so please write only in Russian (try using a translation program), or just send photos and postcards.

Russian Torture Cases
There has been heavy repression of anarchists and antifascists by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). In October 2017, FSB officers arrested six antifascists who played airlift in the woods. The FSB planted weapons and explosives in some of their vehicles, and tortured them in pre-trial detention–beating them, hanging them upside down, electrocuting them, and threatening them with even worse. This torture was used to forced the arrestees to validate forged testimony professing that they are part of an alleged terrorist “network.” At the end of January 2018, two more antifascists were arrested in St. Petersburg. They were also beaten, tortured by means of electrical shock, and forced to agree that they too were members of this invented “network.”

As of now, seven anti-fascists are behind bars and another is under house arrest. All are facing up to a decade in prison. We encourage you to read more about the case in the links below. We have included addresses for those who have them listed.

Yuliy Boyarshinov


Boyarshinov Yuliy Nikolayevich , 1991
SIZO-6 Gorelovo
188508 Russia
Leningradskaya obl.
Lomonosovskiy rayon
MO Villozskoe selskoe poselenie
ulitsa Zarechnaya tupik 22

Andrey Chernov


Victor Filinkov


Filinkov Victor Sergeevich, 1994
SIZO-6 Gorelovo
188508 Russia
Leningradskaya obl.
Lomonosovskiy rayon
MO Villozskoe selskoe poselenie
ulitsa Zarechnaya tupik 22

Vasiliy Kuksov

Vasily Kuksov

Kuksov Vasiliy Alekseevich, 1988
440039 Russia
Penzenskaya obl.
Penza, ulitsa Karakozova 30

Dmitriy Pchelintsev


Arman Sagynbaev


Sagynbaev Arman Dauletovich 1992
440039 Russia
Penzenskaya obl.
ulitsa Karakozova 30

Ilya Shakurskiy


Igor Shishkin


Shishkin Igor Dmitrievich, 1991
191123 Russia
Shpalernaya str. h.25

Please note: Moscow ABC advises that letters in English are seldom accepted in Russian prisons, so please write only in Russian (try using a translation program), or just send photos and postcards.

Rodrigo Lanza

Rodrigo Lanza is an antifascist from Chile who is living in Zaragoza, Spain. In December of 2017, Rodrigo was out with friends at a bar when they were approached by a man who began insulting Rodrigo, calling him “sudaka” (a derogatory term for Latin Americans) and telling him to go back to his country. As Rodrigo attempted to leave the bar, Victor Lainez, a member of the fascist Falange group with many friends in the local fascist scene, pulled a knife. Rodrigo defended himself and in the ensuing fight, Lainez was killed.

Occurring during the movement for Catalan independence and the accompanying resurgence of hardcore Spanish nationalism, the press worked overtime to vilify Rodrigo as a ‘foreigner,’ squatter, and former political prisoner. They claimed that Lainez was attacked at random for wearing Spanish flag suspenders, and built a bogus narrative of an innocent Spanish citizen murdered simply for showing support for his country.

Rodrigo is currently in prison awaiting trial and faces a lengthy prison sentence as well as expulsion from Spain.

We are currently trying to determine if Rodrigo would like to receive letters.

About 20.000 people took the streets in Düsseldorf, Germany, against the new police law on Saturday. The resistance against the formation of the authoritarian state is growing across Germany. A report back. Published by Enough is Enough. Writen by Riot Turtle. Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing…

via Duesseldorf, Germany #NoPolGNRW: 20.000 people took the streets against new police law in NRW — Enough is Enough!

Not the Fucking News Again

Not the Fucking News Again

Welcome subverters. It’s been a while as Linda was sick but a new podcast is finally here.

During this podcast we premiere the new segment Not the Fucking News, talk about what’s not news and report on the filthy cops in Bad Cop No Donut.

In Australia it’s a national week of celebration for indigenous people so 40% of the music we play is from Aboriginal or Islander musicians.

Download from Radio4all.

The read Not the Fucking News.

We also mention…….. A t-shirt company in the US tried using the shocking image of Dylan Voller strapped to a chair in a youth detention centre. (we play the song Fool by Dylan’s sister Kirra during the show)

And the verdict is in plastic bag bans benefit the shop’s bottom line more than the environment.

Bad Cop No Donut features a piece by Riot Turtle from Enough is Enough about protests against new police powers in Germany.



INSURGE                  ……………….                                   Lock On    (ozi/f)

AGAINST ME                   ………………                          Baby I’m an Anarchist! (f)

BOWRA BOY                  …….                   Shows it feel Cuz      (ozi/i)

DCP                            ………………                  Wake Up          (bne/i/)
KIRRA VOLLER           …………..                 Fool         (ozi/f)
80% of music featured a female artist
40% Indigenous


Not the Fucking News

Not the Fucking News

Our new segment giving you news most mainstream media have decided is not news….


Approval has been given for a 6 metre baby Trump blimp to fly over London when Trump makes his first visit there as US president on Thursday.

The approval came after thousands signed a petition and a crowdfunding campaign raised more than 16 000 pounds.

There are strict rules around the flight and organizers still have to meet with police and civil aviations authorities to finalise plans to ensure the stunt goes ahead.

The anti fascist group who have organised the balloon say it will hold up a huge mirror of truth to the world and describe Trump as a dangerous excuse for a president

There’s also a huge stop Trump march scheduled for Thursday in Central London.

Baby Bully Tactics

In an interesting example of the way trade and money affect world health issues the US has bullied countries at the World Health Assembly into supporting their changes to a resolution on breastfeeding.

America wants to protect the profits of companies that make infant formulas so they sought to remove terms which worked against this aim.

Discounting decades of research and actually just common sense that breast milk is best for infants.

According to diplomats and government officials when the US didn’t get their changes through they resorted to threats.

Ecuador was the first of a list of South American countries which folded after being threatened with punishing trade measures and the withdrawal crucial military aid.

Poor African countries also withdrew from sponsoring the resolution fearing retaliation.

During the deliberations, some American delegates even suggested the United States might cut its contribution to the World Health Organisation, several negotiators said

Eventually Russia stepped in to introduced the measure and the US did not threaten them but after two days of meetings some language in the resolution  was changed.

Driving for a Change

Saudi Arabian singer and rapper Leesa A‘s latest music video, which celebrates the lifting of the long-standing ban on women driving in her homeland, has gone viral.

The track, which features Leesa A driving a car, rapping on the busy road and even offering lifts, has already racked up several thousand shares on Instagram and more than one million views on YouTube since it dropped last week.

Terrorist Plastic Bag Ban

Al-Shabaab, the al-Qaeda backed militant terrorist group in Somalia has released a statement through their media outlet Radio Andalus banning the usage of plastic bags in their territories.

Simultaneously, an independent website that is supportive of the group printed that al-Shabaab has also banned the logging of native trees.

The ban has been implemented since the use of plastic “pose a serious threat to the well-being of humans and animals alike.”

This environmentally conscious move follows other more traditionally terroristic bans on western music, cinemas, smartphone and fibre optic devices, satellite devices and humanitarian organisations. Some of these are arguably good things to ban.

In the past Al Qaeda affiliated groups have also criticised American environmental policies and introduced tree planting initiatives.

These moves are thought to be stunts to win over the hearts and minds of the population. This is like a lot of green washing that goes on globally.

Al-Shabaab tend to finance their own operations largely through the illegal sale of ivory.

Free Market

The team behind Melbourne not-for-profit restaurant Lentil As Anything has opened a ‘free’ grocery store, The Inconvenience Store.

Food that would otherwise go to waste is donated.

Customers can stock their bags with food, ranging from fruit and vegetables to bread and some packaged items, and then leave a donation in a wooden box on the way out.

Indonesian Anarchist Prisoners Update

As we heard in an interview with an Indonesian anarchista few weeks ago, 69 people were arrested during the Mayday demonstration held in Yogyakarta .

This is an update on their situation from Palang Hitam ABC Indonesia.

The anarchist prisoners in Yogyakarta have still not faced court proceedings.

According to the information received, the anarchist prisoners should have been transferred to Cebongan [chair bong un]  Prison in Sleman on June 29th.

However, the planned transfer was cancelled and the period of detention at Polda Yogyakarta has been extended until July 30th, on the grounds of further investigation.

Palang Hitman ABC thinks the extended investigation process is due to this case being politicised.

It is evident the Mayday action was an act of opposition against the government.

One of the prisoners was taken to hospital with minor illnesses but is now recovering and is even trying to cheer up other prisoners.

The others are in good health despite the pressure they are under from police and the state.

“Unfortunately the dream we carry in our hearts is too great to avoid the risk of finding ourselves up against the monstrous wall of authority raised in defense of the state and capital” -Nicola Gai Palang Hitam ABC.

Palang Hitam Anarchist Black Cross are selling t-shirts for fundraising “Prisons Are For Burning“.

The proceeds of this sale will be used in legal and medical work of the Black Cross, especially helping anarchist prisoners in Yogyakarta who were arrested during Mayday action when raising the rejection issue of new Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) and anti-Sultan Ground / Pakualaman Ground and feudalism-monarchy society.

Price £ 10/exclude shipping —- Size: S, M, L, XL 


More information — Instagram account: palang__hitam —

Melb Hunt Saboteurs

Melb Hunt Saboteurs

hunt sabs 4

Linda and Max did this phone interview mid May with a representative from Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs. They remain anonymous out of safety concerns.

Who exactly are the Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs?

We are I guess you could call us a group of passionate and committed activists who have formed together under the belief that actions have always meant more than words, and who are very fed up with the current political climate of the animal rights movement in Victoria and probably Australia as well.

So the collection of activists who come to Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs initially come across to oppose the hunting of foxes with hounds within Victoria  but as we have found along the way that the collective understanding of the saboteurs in the group is that we are very frustrated – upset kind of takes ownership of it – but we’re frustrated with the current climate of the animal rights movement in Victoria.

How do you organise and how do you stop hunts?

Yeah.. so Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs is the first direct opposition to hunting with hounds in Australia… being the first brings about a lot of new things and first things and we’re the first and only club at the moment to come with the support and to be directrly associated with the Hunt Saboteurs Association in the UK who have been out sabotaging fox hunts for the last 60 years.

So what we do is a derivative of basic direct action, we get in the way of the hunt, a non violent style of direct action you know we bring no harm to the hounds or to the horses that are being dragged into this.

We used the methods that the Hunt Saboteurs Association in the UK have used and refined over the last 60 years. So it’s everything that the hunt use to control the hounds we use those tools those tricks in reverse. From voice commands to calling the hounds over to using [inaudible] horn, to the whip… never whipping the dogs but the whip signifies that the hounds need to stop.

Like the sound of it?

Yeah the sound of it even just the sight of it cracking a hunting whip is a skill in its own, a few of us can do .. we’re trying to so it on the run as well is a bit tricking so even just the sight of it is enough to make the dogs stop what they’re doing and come back.

Everything that the barbaric hunters use to force the hounds into destroying the fox we use to take control of the hounds. And then it becomes a game of cat and mouse we take control of the hounds they try to take them back. We never put the hounds at risk we never call them over a road or into an area that is dangerous for them but it definitely if the hunter is chasing a fox and the hounds are on a fox we’ll use everything we’ve got to call those hounds away from a live fox.

We’ve seen that we have guns at some of these hunts is there ever a worry about being shot?

Um yeah, we’d be really stupid if we didn’t acknowledge and have plans and methods in place for that. The law in Victoria is a bit grey but it’s also very clear in certain components so the hunts can legally chase a fox with their hounds and when we’re talking about fox hunting we are talking about that traditionalist crap of men and women in red coats chasing an animal for fun. And the law says they can do that but the law says they’re not allowed to let them attack a fox so that’s where the guns come into [it] um we sabotaged a hunt in Victoria two weeks ago and it was rather difficult because they were shooting foxes.. so called flushing foxes where they use the hounds and the fox horses to drive the fox out of its area and into the path of hunters who have guns so its always a bit tricky. We always dress in black and we cover our faces so we can’t be identified. You know dickhead hunters with small appendages and big guns like to shot anything so we have to be really careful with that one.

So far we haven’t really been confronted with too much violence involving hunters with guns but it’s a real live threat.

What’s the largest hunt that you’ve had to deal with?

In Australia our opening hunt which you can see all the footage on Facebook (Melbourne Hunt Saboteurs) we sabbed Oakland opening hunt he in Melbourne and that was pretty well attended with probably 30 riders. But we also had a crack at their combined closing hunt of the season 2017 and there were mores hounds but less [sic] riders. This time there were more riders about the same number of hounds. But I’ve also sabbed in the UK so I recently got back – just before the Australian season opened which runs from the end of April to the start of September – from the UK where I spent three weeks [inaudible] and sabotaging with the UK guys over there… their hunts were a lot bigger than what Australian hunts are.

How many hunt clubs are there in Australia?

Ohh far too many, at the moment we’ve focused all our intel and all our resources to just focus on the hunts within Victoria and I Victoria alone we’ve got 14 on our books which we need to keep tabs on and we know there’s a couple of smaller ones that pop up every now and then.

But Australia where ever the fox has been introduced you’ll find a club unfortunately, Sydney has a very prestigious club, Queensland has another couple of hunts and we’ve been approached by  a couple of people in Queensland wanting to set up a Queensland Saboteurs up there to oppose the blood sport and the class-ism of the people who attend hunts.

But Australia wide it wouldn’t surprise me if there were over a hundred.

Often people say that fox hunting is a necessary thing because foxes are an introduced species what do you say to that?

Well the truth is that the fox is well an introduced species. It was introduced shortly after white invasion and it was introduced by white invaders. So they could continue the tradition of hunting. So the fox is here of no fault of its own.

And yes it was a pest species, evolution is a funny thing. Time is also equally hilarious, the fox is not the villain that is is made out to be, you know the biggest aggressors towards the fox are the farmers people who are already profiting off the abuse of animals so animals of consistently lamb during winter are upset because the fox eats lambs. The fox accounts for four percent of farming loses.

In a perfect world we would say people should stop profiteering off animals. The fox is here whether it is classified as a pest, it’s not classified as a pest in New South Wales, it doesn’t exist in Tasmania, in Victoria it’s classified as a pest, it’s not classified as a pest in South Australia…… Australia needs to get its head around how we’re going to look at the fox.

Government programs to control the fox are well and truly there and they’re another fight we’re trying to take on. But I don’t think anything deserves to be ripped apart by dogs simply because a bunch of rich aristocrats want to chase it on horseback.

There’s no conservation value in hunting with hounds and that’s been widely reported in Victoria.


Did I read somewhere that they sometimes let out foxes especially for the fox hunt?

Yeah.. yeah… Look you’re absolutely right, like I said the laws are very specific, they’re not allowed to dig a fox out of its set, if a fox goes to ground they have to leave that fox alone.. and absolutely we are into our second season of opposing the hunt the evidence of foxes being let out simply for the hunt is there and we’re.. we’re waiting to gather some more intel before we can put a strong case together to shut there hunts down.

And just to be clear when you say let out like they’re let out of their burrow or do you mean they’re caught especially and then let out ?

Oh yeah the latter.

Yeah ok

So they’re caught especially, then they’re held  and then they will be let out. It’s really to point out as well, people always ask, what about the welfare of the hounds and the hounds are bred to do this. The hounds are bred to do this but the hounds that can’t do it are shot. The hounds in the hours before the hunt are starved, they’re deprived of everything so when they get out the hunt men who control the hounds, they’re blood thirsty because they have no food they’re starved so they have a drive to have that instinct … hold on we have to eat otherwise we’re not going to do too good as a general thing so.. as far as the welfare of the hounds we care for those hounds far more than the hunt does.

Unfortunately because the fox is marked as a pest I don’t think it comes under any protective laws at all. you know we’ve had… the times this season we’ve actually gone out we’ve had quite a surprising response from the police who have attended, which was a big shock to us.

Where they have.. um the officer who came out to our opening sabotage of Oaklands was very much on our side.. but .. again was very reluctant to put in place and uphold the law which he wasn’t too familiar with which really pissed us off.

Because why are you a police officer… whether or not you are familiar with the law .. we had the law printed out and saved on our phones and we’ve got documents to show you the laws of hunting with hounds on foxes ……mmm … the old blue didn’t want to get involved but he was surprisingly ok with us trying to put an end to this.

And is it actually illegal what they are doing?

Yes absolutely.

And it can’t be a cheap think for them to do so that’s even more sign of bourgeoisie exclusivity.

So when people in Australia, people think of hunting they think of duck hunters, your stereotypical bogan who drives with a couple of hunting stickers and hunting cages on the back tires that are to big for the car kind of deal. These people who hunt foxes on horse back are well to do, they’re lawyers, bankers, doctors, politicians, local council members, they feel that they are very well to do people. They have something called the stirrup cup where they drink wine that’s served to them on a silver platter while they’re on horseback just before the hunt.

And the fees to involved yourself in a hunt depending on its exclusivity can range anywhere from eight or nine hundred a year up to four and a half grand.

The Sydney Hunt Club is almost the same price as if someone was stupid enough to send their kid to a private school.
This is all about class, these people who are hunting these animals they have no welfare [concerns] for their hounds and they don’t care about animal welfare what-so-ever however you view the fox.

This is what they feel is their god given right as trying to molest the traditions from England. And they’re hunting over here… the white settlers invaded Australia and bought over the fox to continue the bullshit here. So these people are Liberal people who contribute to systems that are already in place to put the common person down.

As well as being an animals rights fight this is also a class fight we.. these people are barbaric, rich toffy wankers who simply think the saboteurs are uneducated peasants and it couldn’t you know be further from the truth.

Download the interviews.

If you want to find out more Hunt Saboteurs Association in the UK have some useful resources.

I checked the website of the Sydney Hunt Club and there is no mention of the welfare of the foxes.


It’s a vagina, ok?

It’s a vagina, ok?

“Vagina vagina vagina vagina vagina. V. A. G. I. N. A.

I don’t like using the euphemism pussy. It’s a vagina. Keep it real.

Men will say cunt but they can’t say vagina. A vagina is strong. Men are weak around vaginas.
Fuck you cunt I have a vagina.”

(Caveat: I’m not going into the whole discussion about vagina vs vulva for this argument I’m just using vagina vs pussy as the general terms)
This is something that had been circulating in my head for some time. Building up like a tumour that eventually burst out.


A lot is being said about reclaiming the word pussy. In my opinion there’s nothing to reclaim.

Well maybe a bit. It is used as a pejorative sometimes as in ‘you’re a pussy‘ ‘don’t be a pussy‘ meaning someone is weak but we can probably all agree that vaginas – or pussys for this argument – are not weak.

Some say the word when actually used to describe the female genitalia is offensive but to me and seemingly lots of people it’s used like a euphemism, to say vagina is too descriptive. Too real. Outré.

Like when people say ‘I slept with so and so’ when they really mean I had sex with them. Just fucking say it. Everyone knows what you’re saying.

Donald Trump‘s famous (infamous?) grab em by the pussy remark lead the word out into the open and onto the front page of The New York Times.

Half a million women marched in Washington wearing what is meant to be a vagina beanie but looks more like a cervix to me.

Besides this vagina head gear is great but let’s call it wearing a vagina on ones head not a pussy like when your cat tries to suffocate you. I’m all for a vagina hat that is anatomically correct.

The etymology of pussy brings up a few theories as to its origin, the Norse word puss meaning pouch, the obvious feline connotation and others. It’s also seen as a term of endearment in 19th century literature.

Four and a half years ago Naomi Wolf’s book Vagina: A Biography was published. From the reviews I’ve read it seems to be more focused on the private realm of the vagina.

One year ago she wrote the introduction to another book about women’s reproductive organs, this one called Wolf Whistle Politics: The Resurgence of Misogyny in America Today.

This book is a collection of writings by journalists and feminists about the current sexism in politics which seems to have taken a time warp back to centuries past. And battles many women thought were dead and buried.

An abstract from the introduction published in The New Republic includes a reminder that although Ireland just voted to overturn anti-abortion laws Trump signed an executive order banning foreign aid to countries that offer abortion counselling.

When men say pussy to me they are referring to the area and do not mean it offensively it’s just the slag word.

Many men from a non-English speaking backgrounds I’ve met don’t actually know the word and hearing them try to pronounce it is hilarious.

Pussy takes away the power of the vagina and cunt is a great word but doesn’t actually describe the object. Although reclaiming it is a must.

As far as being confronting to men and ‘the patriarchyvagina nails it on the head.

And there’s all these other words –

  • Cooter
  • Clam
  • Beaver
  • Cooze
  • Vajayjay
  • Muff
  • C.U. Next Tuesday
  • Trim
  • Pussy
  • Snatch
  • Fanny
  • Box

Equally as stupid. But used because apparently men don’t know what to say to their partners when referring to their vagina. And some women think using the proper term will kill the sexy mood.

But I say if you can’t say vagina you shouldn’t get to stick your dick into one.
Vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina. Don’t be a pussy just say vagina.

And while I’m at it don’t be a dick just say penis. Penis, penis, penis.